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Advancing health equity for all our communities.

The Harmony Health Foundation, functioning as the non-profit 501(c)3 arm of Oral Genome, is dedicated to driving positive change in underserved communities through the strategic utilization of innovative technologies.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is on enhancing oral health while also fostering community development, underpinned by a commitment to health equity. We achieve this by not only deploying advanced solutions but also actively engaging in change management and advocacy efforts.

Our approach involves providing specialized training to empower oral health professionals, nurturing the growth of students in the field of dental public health, and serving as facilitators for transformative shifts within the oral health landscape.

Through collaborative endeavors and proactive advocacy, we aim to uplift marginalized populations, ensuring that the potential of innovative technologies leads to tangible improvements in oral health and overall community well-being.

Our Vision

  • Empower Communities with Innovative Technologies:
    Our vision is to empower underserved communities with cutting-edge technologies that improve oral health and overall well-being.
  • Catalyze Transformative Change:
    Our vision is to be catalysts for transformative shifts in the oral health landscape, ensuring that advanced solutions lead to tangible improvements in the health and lives of communities we serve.
  • Advance Health Equity:
    We aim to foster health equity by actively advocating for marginalized populations and creating a society where everyone has equal access to quality oral health care.